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Blog | A special day on the bike for the women

A special day on the bike for the women

Every year on the third Sunday of September there is a women-only cycling event. It is called The Fancy Women Bike Ride. It all began in Izmir in Turkey, they started it to demand cities create a safe space for women to cycle and interact with the city in a whole new way. Fancy Women Bike Ride is international, so there are a lot of women from other countries that are joining you on this beautiful day. You can dress your best and decorate your bike to show everyone you're supporting The Fancy Women Bike Ride. 

In the first ever round in 2013 more than 300 women supported the biking movement and went with the founder (Sema Gür) on the bike trough the city. In the years after that, a lot of other cities joined in as well. In 2019 around 150 cities joined. So, if you're reading this from Greece, America or even The Netherlands you can also join.  

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to cycle in Athens because there are little to none cycle lanes. They're trying to make the city more accessible for cyclists, but it’s not going very fast. Cycling is a particularly powerful way for women to become visible in the society and a completely new way to interact with the city. Fancy Women Bike Ride is an event for women, organized by women to remember the freedom and joy of cycling and to inspire more women to use bicycles in the cities. 

The more women cycle, the more women will be encouraged to join. Men can also join, but they can’t go ahead of the women. 


Go to this link: https://www.suslukadinlarbisikletturu.com/en/events/ and see in what city you can join.