We Bike Athens

Our eBikes & child seats

We Bike Athens has a large variety of eBikes, so there is a choice for everybody, depending on height and fitness level. Tagalongs, booster seats and baby seats are also available.

The ages for children riding their own eBike, when you book,  is indicative, since it depends on their confidence in riding an eBike but also their length (minimum length 150 cm/ 5 ft).

In any case, a test ride will be done before the tour. We will keep the right to not let a child, or even an adult, ride an eBike if we feel it is not safe. 





Wisper 806, wheel size 20". With low step in and suitable or the less tall. Hydraulic disc brakes and throttle. The seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to the desired height. 





Wisper 705, Wheel size 24", step-through. For children ages 10-12 years old or the less tall for easier maneuvers. Hydraulic disk brakes and throttle. The seat can be adjusted to the desired height.






 Wisper 705, wheel size 26", step-through. Adults size bike with easy step in. Hydraulic disk brakes and throttle. The seat can be adjusted to the desired height. 





Eflow CR 2 ST, wheel size 28", male and female models. Disc brakes. Perfect for the more fit, electronic sensor giving assistance according to your weight and the pressure on the pedals. The seat can be adjusted to the desired height.







Radmission, wheel size 26", Pedal Assist and throttle, single gear, The seat can be adjusted to desired height.




Co-pilot/tagalong, wheel size 20" ideal for the smaller children (age 4-10) or those who are not comfortable riding there own bike but still participate, rather than sitting on a seat.  Max weight 35 kgs/75 pounds  A good balance is required.





Booster seat for smaller children up to 35 kgs/75 pounds, that are not comfortable on co-pilot but too big for a baby seat.







Baby seat (rear) for ages 0-4  until 25 kgs/55 pounds.