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Autumn in Athens

When summer arrives people are looking for a tropical country that they can visit to enjoy their six weeklong break. Greece is a very populair destination amongst tourists. Every year thousands of tourists return to the beautiful islands of Greece. Which makes it easy to forget the most populair city in Greece which also happens to be the capital ‘’Athens’’. 

Although Athens as a city is getting more and more populair every day. Especially in the summer seasons, when Athens is packed with tourists and high prices.  

Athens is ancient as well as modern. You can visit tons of historic sites, museums, street food and when you take a second to look around, you’ll notice street art everywhere.  


Autumn in Athens: Weather 

The first two autumn months, which are September and October, are the most pleasant months to visit Athens if you dislike the tropical heat and the cold winters. The temperature at the beginning of fall in Athens can still get around 28°C and as the weeks pass by it can drop to 15°C.  

You might think it'll be too cold to take a quick swim in the beautiful oceans of Athens. Well luckily that won't be the case.  Because with the sun being down it will prevent you from getting a sunburn. So, it might be even more ideal to swim in the waters of Athens in autumn.  

The sea temperature does rapidly change over the course. So do make sure that if you want to swim at the seas in Athens in that you plan a trip at the start of autumn. 


Popular activities to do in Athens in autumn  

Autumn in Athens is like a two in one deal. Like I said, in autumn the temperature is still warm enough for you to swim. But if you do not feel like swimming, you can also enjoy Athens as a city with its great architecture and delicious food. 

The start of Autumn (September) 

  • If you are here mid-September, go over Aegina for their annual pistachio festival, Fistiki Fest for their delicious pistachio products, concerts and other events. 
  • Art walks are a must. Whether you're visiting in spring or autumn. But especially in autumn you'll come across beautiful trees and falling leaves.  
  • If you are film crazy like me, you should know that Athens will be hosting their annual Athens International Film Festival from the 18th till the 29th of September.   

Mid-autumn (October) 

  • The pleasant weather of October is a good time to walk through ancient sites like Ancient Agora.
  • Athens is a good place to mountain bike because of their incredible hills and tricky roads. In October the weather will be just fine, and you should not worry for it to be too hot to do sporty activities. 
  •  October is one of the last months in Athens where you can enjoy their beautiful night view without freezing cold. So, take that as a chance to set off on a three-hour long cruise with: Athens Riviera Night Cruise 

The end of autumn (November)  

  • If you like atmospheric views, you should head to Panathenaic Stadium to see racers cross the finish line for the Athens Classic Marathon
  • Pangrati is a neighbourhood in Athens where you can find lots of boutiques and cool cafes. If you're an artsy type of person Pangrati is the place to be. 
  • All the foodies will love The Varvakios Market. You'll find lots of local restaurants making their food with fresh seasonal ingredients and products.  




Photo made by: Min Zhou