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Athens with kids

Travelling with kids can be tricky. There are definitely some places you should avoid taking your kids. But today I'm going to go through places that are a must for you to visit if you're in Athens with kids. 


Now I will not say that Athens is the safest place for you to take your kids with. The roads are for an instant extremely dangerous if you don’t watch yourself let alone your kids. The roads are not only unstable but they're very slim as well. So be aware of that before deciding to let your kid walk alone.  

Pickpocking is universal. It's not limited to any specific places. But it is an incredibly big issue here in Athens.  

So do not let your kid walk around with materials that are valuable to them or to you. Which sounds like common sense but do not let them carry even the smallest things. Because anything can be in interests of pickpockers. Especially because pickpockers like to aim at the weak. People that are vulnerable, young kids.  

But these reasons should not hold you back from taking your kids to Athens. Besides taking some precaution, know that there are so many kid friendly activities to not only entertain your kids but to educate them as well.  


Places you must visit 



The Acropolis is a must see with or without kids. But the Acropolis is a great combination between taking pictures, getting to know a bit of culture and climbing. It is an activity that keeps both adults and kids satisfied. 

During the warmer seasons it can get quite hot. So do not forget to take enough water and snacks with you. 

Strollers aren't allowed at the Acropolis. So, if you'd like to bring kids that still need a stroller, you might have to wait a while. But believe me, it is so worth the wait.  


Acropolis museum  

Acropolis museum is also a must visit if you’re planning to visit the Acropolis. Not only is it educational but it’s very interactive as well. Especially if you like to know the Acropolis a bit more before you’re actually going to see it in real life. 


National garden 

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery, if you’re feeling hungry you can visit their niche cafe that serve child friendly food like homemade pizza and clubsandwhiches. As adult you can have a taste of their delicious cocktails and wines. 

Happy train  

Exploring new places and not getting tired sounds ideal right? With the happy train you'll be able to see all the beautiful places of Athens in less than an hour. Just hop on the train and enjoy!


Allou fun park  

Who doesnt like amusement parks? There are so many kid friendly attractions, but luckily, they offer attractions for adults as well. So, while you’re waiting for your kids to finish you can also enjoy your time by going through attractions by yourself. 


Museum of illusions  

The cool thing about this museum is that your kids won’t be the only one left amazed. The illusions that have been created in this museum is absolutely spectacular. It will even leave you with your mouth wide open. 


Little kook  
Food and entertainment. The only thing you need throughout the day. Kids get bored quickly and parents get hungry. Little kook is a perfect balance between both. Kids finish their food faster, but you would like to sit and finish your food. At little kook you can finish your food in peace while the kids can enjoy their time taking pictures and looking around. Because it is a never-ending cycle of seeing things. 


Last but not least, We Bike Athens. Not only is it a good way to explore the city and see what’s new. It is a bit of history you get as well. So, you get entertainment and education in one. 

We offer bikes for all kinds of ages. It does depend on their skills of riding bikes and their height. (for more information you can click on the ''Our e-bikes heading'').  

You can always request a private tour where you can privately see Athens.  

If your kids are too young you can just let them sit in a child seat and because we offer electrical bikes, it’ s going to be an easy peasy for you to carry around your kid while cycling through the beautiful Athens. 





Photo credit: https://www.greecetravelsecrets.com/athens-for-kids/