We Bike Athens

Why eBike?

For both experienced and non experencied bicycle riders to ride an eBike is a very pleasant experience. You can go uphill without having to catch your breath once you arrived at the top. With an eBike you can ride in a relaxed way and explore wonderful sights without too much effort. Especially for those who do not have much of a fitnesslevel but like to cycle, the eBike is the solution. Again for those who do want some more physical input just switch off the booster and use it like a normal bike.

E- Bikes give cyclists a helping hand or push, to get you up and over the hills or to keep up with, more experienced, fellow riders.  Longer distances can be covered in a more relaxing way which give you the opportunity to better enjoy the views and sights. You still need to turn the pedals, but when the going gets tough, or steep, you can engage a little assistance to help you through. 

Time between the archeological and ecological sights are done in less time which give you more time to watch, enjoy and take pictures without trying to catch your breath.

We Bike Athens gives you the opportunity to explore more of the city in a more relaxing way…..even for those who love to cycle but find it difficult to master the distance.